ERTH2415  Natural Disasters 

Physical characteristics and causes of natural disasters of geological origin such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami, landslides and meteor impacts. Discussion on historical perspective, societal impact and mitigation strategies. Emphasis on Canadian case histories. Lectures three hours a week.

ERTH4815-5215/IPIS5505  Natural Hazards in Canada

Overview of natural hazards and severe weather phenomena in
Canada. Notion of risk, return period, and probability of occurrence
of natural disasters. Impact on society and infrastructure. Mitigation policies and strategies.

 ERTH4807  Field Geology III 

Two-week field camp designed to extend the student's geological kno wledge by integrating advanced field, theory and experimental data. Assessment based on written reports, seminars, and oral examinations. 

ERTH5903 Field Studies

Systematic investigations of geological problems, based on
a minimum of fifteen days field work plus related library research and laboratory projects. Written report required.

ERTH4804  Exploration Geophysics  

Application of geophysical methods to explore for petroleum and mineral resources, with emphasis on seismic and electromagnetic methods. Case histories illustrate the concepts. Lectures and laboratories five hours per week.

ERTH5901  Research Topics in Earth Sciences   

Directed reading/field/laboratory studies unrelated to thesis research, under the guidance of directors other than the thesis supervisor. A written proposal including research plan, deliverables, and evaluation, must be submitted for departmental approval prior to registration. Written report required.