Adjunct Prof. Michael Ryan Unveils New Dinosaur

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dr. Michael J. Ryan in the field

Dr. Michael J. Ryan in the field

Dr. David Evans
, of the Royal Ontario Museum, and Adjunct Professor Dr. Michael Ryan, of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, unveiled a new species of dinosaur yesterday. The full description of the Wendiceratops pinhornensis was published in the journal PLOS ONE. 

The dinosaur is named in honor of legendary paleontological technician Wendy Sloboda. She discovered the first fossil of this new species near Milk River, close to the Montana border. 

Bradley McFeeters with Wendiceratops fossil

Wendy participates in the Southern Alberta Dinosaur Project every year. The dig is managed by Evans and Ryan. Senior Vertebrate Paleontology students registered in the ERTH 4808 Vertebrate Paleontology Field Camp contribute to this fieldwork. In fact, Dr. Michael Ryan will be arriving there in the next few days. Current Vertebrate Paleontology student Mark Bujaki will be joining him in late July. Undergraduate student Eric Hickie will also be helping out for the second consecutive year. 

Bradley McFeeters (B.Sc.H. 2011, M.Sc. 2015) is also joining him at the site again this year. He went to the Wendiceratops quarry as a Master's student of Dr. Ryan's in 2013. Bradley is pictured at left with a Wendiceratops fossil. 

Thomas Cullen (B.Sc.H. 2010, M.Sc. 2012) is very excited about the recent release of the Wendiceratops. He has been a part of the Southern Alberta Dinosaur Project for the past three years, and will be returning again this year. At the time of publication, he was digging for dinosaurs in Montana with his colleagues. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Toronto, studying under Dr. David Evans.