Seminar - Writing scientific papers


Dr. Jeremy Richards 
University of Alberta, 
Society of Economic Geologists: Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer

Thursday, November 24th 
9 - 10:30 a.m.

214 D'Iorio Hall 
University of Ottawa



This talk is directed mainly at graduate students, covering ethics as well as content.

There is no point in doing research if no-one hears about what you’ve done. Peer-reviewed papers and professional reports are the standard medium for officially documenting your work, and the way in which you write these contributions will dictate (a) whether they get published or accepted, (b) whether anyone reads them, and (c) whether anyone then uses and cites the information you have generated. The outcomes of these considerations will also dictate the success of your career, whether in academia, industry, or other professional occupations.

In this seminar, I will highlight some of the essential steps in writing successful papers and reports, and some of the things to avoid. Language is critical, but this will not be an English lesson.