Seminar - The 1800-1750 Ma AMCG and related magmatism of the Ukrainian shield

Dr. Leonid Shumlyanskyy
Senior Research Fellow,

M.P. Semenenko Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore Formation,
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Wednesday, June 8th 
(This date has changed. It was previously scheduled the day before.)

11:30 a.m.  

3120 HP 
Carleton University  



In his talk, Leonid Shumlyanskyy will present recently obtained data regarding the c. 1800-1750 Ma AMCG complexes of the Ukrainian shield, and coeval and spatially related mantle-derived rocks that are attributed to the Prutivka-Novogol large igneous province. A wide range of the questions related to the origin of AMCG complexes will be briefly discussed. These include: (1) the typically long duration of the AMCG magmatism and reasons for that long duration; (2) the composition of the initial melts of AMCG complexes; (3) the origin of jotunitic melts; (4) the relationships between lower-crustal (?) jotunitic and mantle-derived tholeiitic melts. Information on mineral deposits related to the c. 1800-1750 Ma magmatic rocks of the Ukrainian shield will be also reported.



Dr. Leonid Shumlyanskyy is a senior research fellow in the Department of Geochronology at the Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore Formation, National Academy of Sciences, Kyiv, Ukraine. His speciality  is isotope geochemistry and geochronology of igneous (predominantly mafic) rocks. His main research foci are the Ediacaran (c. 570 Ma) Volyn continental flood basalt province, the Palaeoproterozoic (c. 1800 Ma) Prutivka-Novogol large igneous province of the Sarmatian segment of the East European platform, and 1800-1750 Ma anorthosite-mangerite-charnockite-granite (AMCG) complexes. In addition, Leonid Shumlyanskyy has been working on the oldest (up to 3800 Ma) rocks of the Ukrainian shield. He spent several years doing post-doc projects at Liege University, Belgium (with Prof. Jean-Clair Duchesne), at the Swedish Museum of Natural History (with Prof. Stefan Claesson), and at Bristol University, UK (with Prof. Chris Hawkesworth). 


After the seminar, you are invited to join us for lunch at Mike’s Place.


During his visit to Ottawa (June 5-10), Dr. Shumlyanskyy is also available for any meetings to discuss shared research interests.

Dr. Shumlyanskyy is being hosted by Dr. Richard Ernst for his visit.