OCGC Seminar - Magma and Management: The Academic-Industry Transition Zone


Dène Tarkyth
Anglo American


Dène Tarkyth at work


Monday, October 17th 
11:30 a.m.  
2130 HP



Dène will talk about aspects of a career in industry.  Industry can be a marvellous adventure, and at times it has its lows.  A passion for the rocks, a willingness to step up to new challenges, and the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing scenarios are traits of geologists who thrive in this niche.  Dène will offer her perspective on what helps geologists entering industry be successful, and take questions and discussion.



Dène Tarkyth is a geologist in Anglo American’s global exploration group.  She graduated from McGill University (B. Sc. Hons. 1994) and Queen’s (M.Sc. Minex, 1998) and worked for a number of junior and mid-sized companies before joining Anglo American more than 10 years ago.  She has worked on a diversity of commodities, from early-stage grassroots to advanced drill programs, from Mexico to Alaska, British Columbia to Finland.  She currently works with the Global Generative team doing prospectivity mapping and generally enjoying one of the best jobs in the world.  Anglo American is one of the sponsors of the LIPs research project led by Carleton’s Richard Ernst.