OCGC Seminar - 2-D trace element and isotope mapping of geological minerals by laser ablation (LA)-ICP-MS: Applications in mineral deposit research


Simon Jackson 

Distribution of Co, Mn and Au in a sedimentary pyrite nodule from carbonaceous shale in the Owl Creek mine, Porcupine mining district, Timmins, Ontario

Thursday, January 28th 
11:30 a.m.  

3120 HP
Carleton Universty 



Recent developments in laser ablation (LA)-ICP-MS instrumentation and software at the Geological Survey of Canada allow generation of quantitative, 2-D, trace element and (U-)Pb isotope distribution maps in minerals in petrographic section. These are providing extraordinary insights into the fluid and igneous crystallisation histories of hydrothermal ore systems. This talk will describe the LA-ICP-MS mapping methodology and its application in GSC mineral deposit research, including: determining the chemical paragenesis of the Colosseum porphyry Cu-Au deposit, California; assessing the role of sedimentary pyrite as a source of Au in the Musselwhite and Porcupine camp (Timmins) lode Au deposits, Ontario; and evaluating the potential of REE chemistry of zircon as an exploration guide for porphyry Cu deposits in Yukon.