OCGC Seminar - The Great Bear Magmatic Zone: Insights from the NICO deposit and regional application of magnetite geochemistry for mineral exploration


Dr. Pedro Acosta Gongora 
Geological Survey of Canada


Dr. Pedro Acosta Gongora


Thursday, November 5th
11:30 a.m.  

3120 HP
Carleton Universty 



The Paleoproterozoic Great Bear Magmatic Zone (GBMZ), located in the Canadian Northwest Territories, is host to the NICO deposit, and many other polymetallic iron-oxide-rich systems with similar features to those of well-known Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold (IOCG) districts in Australia and South America. However, it becomes imperative for future mineral exploration to understand how these systems where formed, and most importantly, to develop new exploration techniques to find more of them. The development of an Andean-type magmatic arc, interaction of magmatic fluids with metasedimentary rocks, and the possible recycling of metal sources (e.g., Cu, Fe) played a significant role on the formation of the NICO deposit.  Moreover, the trace element geochemistry of magnetite in the GBMZ, which is locally to regionally conspicuous, reveals distinctive patterns between mineralized and barren areas.  Therefore, in glaciated terrains the composition of magnetite could potentially be used for till mineral exploration surveys.