KEGS Seminar - Airborne Methane Sensing Surveys: Acquisition and Processing


Airborne Methane Sensing Surveys: Acquisition and Processing

Colin Terry
Sander Geophysics

Tuesday, October 20th
4:30 p.m.  

Gamble Hall
Geological Survey of Canada
615 Booth Street



Airborne methane surveying has different requirements from other airborne geophysical survey techniques. Methane emission sources and background can vary with time and are affected by wind and other weather effects, which must be considered for survey design and data acquisition. Processing of methane data also requires a different approach than other survey data. Probabilistic modelling techniques are used to determine source locations and emission rates. Results from SGL's airborne methane sensing surveys for seep detection and environmental monitoring will be shown. 



Colin Terry earned an Bachelor of Science with Honours in Science and Business/Physics at the University of Waterloo, and a Master of Science in Geophysics from the University of Western Ontario. He has worked at Sander Geophysics since 2008 and has been involved in aerial gravity, magnetic, gamma ray spectroscopy and methane surveying.