OCGC Seminar - Al Donaldson

Student Support for the promotion of Canadian Geoheritage 

Dr. J. Allan Donaldson 
Ottawa-Gatineau Geoheritage Project

Geology Education in the Field for the Public

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
11:30 a.m. 
3120 Herzberg Laboratories 

Although the concept has been with us from well before the time that geology was first recognized as a separate branch of the natural sciences, introduction of the term "geoheritage" just two decades ago has significantly advanced public appreciation of the overlap of our field of study with the social sciences as well as other natural sciences. Although numerous geoheritage projects were launched at that time in Britain, followed soon after by Europe and Asia, similar programs failed to arise in North America until the beginning of this century.

 An important move in Canada was adoption in 2003 of geoheritage as an initiative worthy of promotion by the Canadian Geoscience Education Network. Since then, outreach programs at Waterloo, Memorial, UBC, Regina, U of T, UQUAM and Carleton have been especially effective in raising the profile of geoheritage. Similarly, outreach programs of the Geological Survey of Canada as well as Provincial and Territorial geological survey units, as well as many mining, petroleum industry, tourism and cultural organizations have adopted the geoheritage banner. Outcomes have included creation of  Stonehammer Geopark in New Brunswick (the first UNESCO-recognized Geopark in North America), and the introduction of local geoheritage parks in Ontario. 

 A particularly successful program run in collaboration with the Ottawa-Gatineau Geoheritage Project is Carleton's annual Geoheritage Day, coming up for its 10th run on October 18 -- this year timed to coincide with celebration of the Department's 60th Anniversary. May many of those attending today sign up to contribute to Geoheritage Day 2014, if not as representatives ready to talk about your chosen geosite, then as guides to several geosites for your family and friends who may not yet be aware of the wealth of geodiversity within the National Capital Region.  

Please join us afterward in 2130 Herzberg Laboratories for refreshments