KEGS Talk: Donaldson on Geoheritage of Ottawa Region


Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society (KEGS) Ottawa September Meeting


Title: Geoheritage of the National Capital Region

Speaker: Dr. Al Donaldson, Emeritus Professor, Carleton University

Venue: Natural Resources Canada, Gamble Hall, 615 Booth St, Ottawa 

Time: 4:30 p.m.

Cost: Free


Abstract: Volunteer members of the Ottawa-Gatineau Geoheritage Project have been active for more than a decade, yet still receive calls to give talks, lead field trips and provide advice about how best to preserve and/or highlight geological features recognized as significant by civic organizations. The twelve-member OGGP committee has contributed to projects in Almonte, Perth and Eganville, and initiated the first 'geosalvage' project in Ontario in which large blocks of Nepean Sandstone bearing unusual primary structures were rescued during expansion of the Queensway near the Terry Fox intersection. This talk provides an opportunity for KEG geoscientists to reflect on how the overlap between culture and the geosciences offers an important avenue for building public support for the earth sciences. Of particular local value in this respect is 'Explore Geoheritage Day', an annual October event, co-sponsored in collaboration with Carleton University, highlighting a few of many impressive geosites in the National Capital Region. With approach of Canada's 150th birthday celebration, we have an opportunity to advance awareness of the numerous contributions provided by early members of the Geological Survey of Canada such as Logan, Camsell, Tyrrell, Low and Dawson, not to mention more recent workers, some of them now providing the basis for establishing Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic. Much of our understanding about the Precambrian Shields of all continents was, and continues to be, advanced by Canadian geoscientists in academia and industry. The geoheritage theme offers promise for advancing recognition of these many contributions.  

Bio: Allan Donaldson, a graduate of Queen's (BGeolEng '56) and John Hopkins (PhD '60), spent 10 years carrying out stratigraphic mapping and research for the Geological Survey of Canada before joining Carleton University in 1968, where, until his retirement in 1998, he taught in the Department of Earth Sciences supervising Precambrian sedimentology research in Yukon, Alaska, Nunavut & Ontario, focusing on devising better ways to interpret the geohistory of our planet. Soon after retirement he launched the Ottawa-Gatineau Geoheritage Project to promote better public understanding and appreciation of significant geosites in the National Capital Region. His presentation will review OGGP accomplishments, give some local examples of geofeatures perhaps unknown even to some attendees, and offer a worldwide overview of the burgeoning geoheritage movement.   


This is the first monthly presentation of fall 2014 hosted by the Ottawa chapter of KEGS. The calendar of events is available on their website. Please contact the organizer, Ms. Luise Sander, at luise [at] sgl [dot] com if you would like to be added to her mailing list and receive notices of the presentations.