GSC Logan Club Series: Dr. Dorthe Wildenschild

"What Happens in the Pore, No Longer Stays in the Pore: Opportunities and Limitations for Porous Media Characterizationand Process Quantification Using X-ray Tomography".

Date: Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time: 11:30 a.m.

Location:127 Marion Hall (MRN), University of Ottawa

Poster available here

During this presentation, you will receive an overview of the current state ofimaging of porous media systems—and processes taking place within them—using x-ray tomography, a technique that allows for three-dimensionalobservation and measurement of variables internal to an otherwise opaqueobject.Gain insight on how x-ray tomography has advanced to the point where it ispossible to probe porous media in great detail, allowing for fully quantitativeanalyses of processes and mechanisms at the pore scale. Detail resolutionranges from hundreds of microns for cm-sized samples down to hundreds ofnm for micron-sized objects. Contrast depends on density and atomic numberof the imaged object, and creative use of contrast agents can help delineateotherwise difficult-to-identify features.Also discussed will be technique limitations, as well as new potential advancesthat will allow for exciting new research in coming years. Applications of thetechnique to remediation of non-aqueous phase liquid in groundwater, thefundamentals of multiphase flow, and geologic sequestration of carbon dioxidewill be presented.