OCGS Seminar - Michel Chouteau, Dept of Civil, Geological & Mining Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal

OCGC-Logan Club Invited Speaker Series


Thursday, February 9th, 2012; 11:30PM

Dept. of Earth Sciences, Carleton University

HP 3120

                                                              Dr. Michel Chouteau

Ecole Polytechnique, Université de Montréal


Determination Of The Magnetic Properties (Susceptibility, Remanent Magnetization) And Geometry Of Kimberlite Pipes Using Airborne Magnetic Data



Kimberlite pipes, the main sources of diamonds, are prospected using geophysical methods such as airborne magnetic and EM. In the inversion of the magnetic anomaly caused by a pipe modeled as a vertical right circular cylinder, a major problem is the presence of remanent magnetization (RM). We have developed a joint inversion based on the magnetic anomaly and its analytic signal that allows the determination of the total magnetization and the geometry of the pipe. To recover remanent magnetization the magnetic susceptibility must be known or estimated from airborne EM inversion. Applications will be shown on modelled and survey data.


The talk will be followed by a catered lunch for attendees.